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TLC Treasures - The People of Trinity Lutheran Church

January 2010

One Hundred Years

A message from Freda Emtman upon turning 100!

I was born on a farm at Fairfield, Washington, on October 23, 1909, probably with a midwife. My sister Emma was held back the first year of school, as the only language we knew was German. Since my birthday was in October, they let me start school in September, so my sister and I were always in the same class.

After the first grade we moved to Spangle, as the three-plus miles of country roads were too hard for getting to school. We had only one mile to go to the country school at Spangle. In the winter, Dad would take us in a sled.

Dad’s health wasn’t too good. Like me, he had stomach problems, yet still lived to be 93. I always told my doctor here in Coeur d’Alene, who claimed to be my doctor for at least 25 years, that I wanted to live to be as old as my dad. Now I’m past that age.
When I was four or five years of age, I went into our chicken barn and climbed up to probably where the chickens roosted. Anyway, I came back to the house, carrying my dress on a stick. Mother took me outside where we had a small table or stand. She put some kerosene in a bowl with water. That took care of the lice on my head. It would take a book to write all the things I did.

I moved to Heritage Place on November 15, 1980, just after my 71st birthday. During the time I lived here, my friend, Judy Beasley, got me interested in Senior Companion work, taking care of people in their homes. I had a car, so I could take them shopping, to doctor appointments, etc. One time I was a companion to three ladies who lived here. Did that for about 17-18 years – something I really loved doing. The state paid $2.50 an hour, plus gas mileage. I even pulled weeds from a garden, hung clothes on an outside line, heard a cat mewing and traced the sound to a shed. When I opened the door, boy, did that cat take off across the street.

Shortly after I moved to Heritage Place they had a sign in the store window saying “Volunteers wanted”. Since I always liked math, I kind of took over the store and did that for many years. I never read books, as I like to be active. Went to Ironwood Athletics five mornings a week. I know this helped me make it to 100!

I have five children – three boys and two girls – 17 grandchildren (2 deceased), 45 great grandchildren and 16 great, great grandchildren. I love living at Heritage, love the people here, also the staff, kitchen crew, etc. When asked what I owe my long life to: I take one day at a time, and thank my Lord for making it possible.

Thanks you, Frieda, for your story.

Frieda's story is one among many, many stories of the members and friends of Trinity Lutheran Church. We are inviting you to become ‘roving reporters’ in search of the stories of the people of Trinity Lutheran Church – our ‘Treasures of TLC’. Submissions are encouraged and welcomed! Won’t you join in telling the story of the lives of our church family? Family is, after all, everything!

For more information, call the church office and speak to Andrea or Pastor Ann about our search for the Treasures of TLC. – submitted by roving reporter Clarie Kuball.

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