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Pr. Dan Forsgren Pastor Dan Forsgren

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From the Desk of Pastor Dan Forsgren

August 2018

North Idaho Nice

I didn’t have a message in the July edition of the HEARTBEAT. I had almost forgotten that when, the other day, I was talking to my sister who lives back in Minnesota…otherwise known as the Holy Land, when she asked why she couldn’t read my message that month. It reminded me how closely connected the world is. This can be a very good thing.

Personally, I find myself speaking more frequently with my sister, more than when we lived just an hour away from each other. I just got back from the Middle School Mission Trip and, even though we were in Glacier, we were able to keep the church updated with what was going on through the blog. Later this month when Sarah and I head to Paris for eleven nights, we will be able to stay connected with the kids through the internet…I can imagine more than one Face Time conversation with the kids before bedtime. Our connectivity brings us closer together and it has the ability to span the globe in milliseconds; we truly live in an amazing age; an age where our neighbor truly can be and is anyone!

That is reflected in the Coeur d’Alene I have come to know as well. Just a couple of weeks ago, we had a group from Minnesota spend the night at our church and they come to worship the next morning…perhaps you remember this group. They were on their way to Shoshone for a week with Idaho Servant Adventures through Lutherhaven. Their pastor Kate Mensing was a classmate of mine at Luther Seminary. After worship I asked how everything was going and we, as a church community, were given high praise. Pastor Kate said that Minnesota nice was something, but North Idaho nice…that was certainly something else! (or something to that effect!) I am continually overwhelmed by Trinity’s commitment to be a welcoming community for all those who come through our doors; a courtesy that I know extends beyond our church building as well.

We are not perfect. As humans we can all too easily fall into a mentality of “me first” and we all do from time to time. That is a part of our human condition…call it our sinful condition. Is that our best face? Is that how we respond to the gift God has given us in Christ Jesus? Because all along, what we do matters, and it may matter even more now, in this day and age, with our global community.

I want to thank you all for helping to make Trinity Lutheran Church a place where people feel welcome; Sarah and I certainly felt it when we first visited here four years ago! We knew this was a special place, and it continues to reflect that first visit as the Trinity I know sees itself as a reflection of God’s light in the world, a reflection of Jesus Christ. I also want to thank you for trusting me in calling me to be your pastor. Together we can bear that light, bear the love of God in Christ Jesus to our North Idaho Nice community and the world!

In Christ,
Pastor Dan

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